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Need Financing? Get FAST (like under one hour!) approval online through our financial partner, Direct Capital. Click on the link below to get started.

Need Financing? Get FAST (like under one hour!) approval online through our financial partner, Direct Capital. Click on the link below to get started.



"Powered-Up Ready For Your Inspection!"

Bank, consignment or SNX owned machines are ALL under power at our 10,000 sq/ft Technology Center in Sauk Rapids, MN. SNX Technologies was founded with two fundamental goals:
  • To provide the best possible experience to every one of our customers.
  • To provide customers with a cost effective pre-owned machine without compromising quality.  We are continually striving to validate the trust you place in our company. 
With SNX, there's no "cold storage" or machines "somewhere in someone else's" facility. SNX personnel are the ones who de-install each machine and coordinate the shipping back to our facility. We assemble and power-up every machine for your inspection. Why buy something unknown, unassembled and untested?

From Owners to Operators, SNX's sales and management teams are dedicated to understanding your business, delivering and exceeding all your expectations. We believe that the key to our success is our commitment to your success.  "If you are not successful, we are not successful."

SNX Technologies Management Personnel

Craig Sexton, Co-Owner - Has over 20-years of experience with world-class machinery and software. He's helped engineer solutions to optimize the flow of information for companies of all sizes.

Mike Noelting, Co-Owner - Has over 15-years of experience consulting with customers to find the optimal CNC solution to maximize production with the best Return On Investment (R.O.I)

Ed Moran, National Sales Manager - Has over 35 years of edgebanding and systems experience and design, including production flow, material handling, and is certified in Robotics. Ed has helped provide solutions for companies of all sizes and is nationally-known as a edgebander educator.

Looking to Buy or Sell:

New or used  CNC Router, Edge Bander, Beam Saw, Wide Belt Sander, Table Saw, Sliding Table Saw, Band Saw, Jointer, Planer, Moulder, Dust Collector such as: Aaeco, Accu-systems, Akron, Arco, Atech, Auburn, Biesse, Black Brothers, Brandt, C.r. Onsrud, Cameron Automation, Castle, Cehisa, Cemco, Costa, Crosscut Solutions, Crouch, Ctd, Custom Machine Services, Delta, Denray, Detel, Dewalt, Diehl, DMC, Dodds, Doucet, Dust Technology, Dustek, Edwards, Ekstrom/Carlson, Euromec, Evans, Forestor, Fortuna, Fravol, Gannomat, Giben, Gorbel, Griggio, Her-saf, Holz-Her, Holzma, Holmag, Ingersoll Rand, Invicta, Jet, JLT, Josting, Klever, Kreg, L & L Machinery, Laguna, Lancaster, Maggi, Mahros, Mb, Mereen Johnson, Midwest Automation, Mikron, Mini-max, Moak, Morbidelli,  Multicam, Newman/whitney, Nichols, Nordfab, Northfield, Oakley, Olimpic, Oliver, Omga, Onzrud, Paoloni, Paulson, Pinheiro, Polymac, Powermatic, Progress, Raimann, RFS, Ritter, Rockwell, Root, Rosenquist, Routec, Rover, Sac, Safety Speed Cut, Sawstop, Scm, Scmi, Selco, Shoda, Skill, Southworth, SNX, SNX Technologies, Steff, Stream, Striebig, Tannewitz, Taylor, Thermwood, Tigerstop, Timesavers, Turanlar, Unique, Vitap, Weeke, Wemat, Whirlwind, Whitney, Workrite, Wysong & Miles, Yates-American. SNX Technologies is the place to go

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